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Wrights Beach Campground at Sonoma Coast SB, CA

wrights beach panorama 2

We spent a fabulous and glorious weekend at Wrights Beach, which is located at the Sonoma Coast State Beach in Bodega Bay.  The weather was absolutely stunning. It was sunny all weekend with calm breezes and a five minute passing shower on Saturday.  Our only complaint was our time there was too short.

Still posing as “weekend warriors” we left our home in the South Bay around 5pm and immediately hit traffic.  Our dinners already packed for the road, we kept moving forward.  The kids were amazing and what should have been a 2 1/2 hr drive turned into 4 hrs.  We pulled into the campground just a little before 9pm.  It was a small campground, full for the night but we were not the last to arrive.  When I jumped out on crutches to help Hubby back in, a very nice gentleman immediately came over and offered to help instead. We used every last inch in our site.  The site was paved and level.  Hubby immediately unhitched and parked the truck at an angle across our site to keep us off the road.  Yeah, we fit!

wrights beach airstream

We had booked our reservations six months ago to reserve a beach front site.  It was well worth the effort as site #07 was a great spot for us.  The campground advertises sites 1-10 as beachfront, though some of the earlier sites did have bushes and dunes obscuring some of the ocean view.  This may be desired though if staying during a windy time. Luckily there was hardly any wind during our stay.  We noted with our long trailer + truck, site #07 and #08 would work best for us in length.  There is an overflow parking for tow vehicles but as we had extra gear stored in the rear, it would be more convenient to park in our site.

There are no hookups here, but each site does have a picnic table, fire pit/grill and great privacy.  Even though we were close to our neighbors in #6 and #8 it still felt very secluded.  There were tall hedges that ran the whole length of the site on either side and with hubby’s truck parked across the front it was the most private site I have encountered here in CA.  We met each of our neighbors though. Very friendly.  One of our neighbors even had the same size Airstream.

There are individual bathrooms in the loop with tile floors but no showers and no dump station.  Both of these amenities were available to us at the Bodega Dunes Campground a little over a mile down the road.  We did use the dump station on our way out.  The toll kiosk was unmanned and we could see no mention of paying for the dump station, so hopefully we were correct in assuming it was free.   No wi-fi signal as well but we did get a signal at the Bodega Dunes Campground.

starfish wrights beach

The kids enjoyed roaming the beach and instantly made a friend in #11 whom they spent all weekend with.  There were dunes to play on, and treasures to be found.  The surf at this beach is dangerous and swimming is not advisable with warning signs visibly posted. The Sonoma Coast in general does not have the safest swimming conditions but still we did see other public beaches in the area where people were playing in the surf.wrights beach lady

Still in my cast, I did not venture onto the beach myself, but lounged with Lady and enjoyed reading and watching from our site.  Sunsets were spectacular, campfires with Smore’s were enjoyable as the wind was just a breeze and the evenings were warm.  I enjoyed cooking in the Airstream much more than I have recently at home. It makes it easy to stand one legged when everything in your kitchen is within reach.  At home I find I’m having to hop all over to gather my ingredients.  It’s easy to get tuckered out before you have made anything.  Since we had no hookups, or an inverter on hand we had to rely solely on our propane oven for any hot meals.  We enjoyed chicken sandwiches, chili cheese dogs, cheesy scrambled eggs and a spinach egg casserole baked in the oven and hot chocolate and bread toasted on the stove.  Not too shabby, glamping on the beach!

wrights beach dinner

Besides reading, drawing, eating, exploring and napping we crafted.  The kids had received “Wool Buddy kits” for Christmas and along they came on the trip.  I had picked these cute kits up at a local artist fair I had gone to and was just smitten with all the creatures. I met Jackie Huang, the artist who created Wool Buddy.  He was kind enough to autograph the book I bought, “Wool Buddies,” which has instructions for other animals to make.  You can find more about him and his creations here.  The needle is sharp and it’s very easy to stab yourself, so age and supervision discretion advised.  We used rubber thimbles and the wool pad to felt the projects on.  The projects range from easy to difficult.  It takes a little practice to get the gist and once you do, look out for its addictive. The kids when finished used left over wool to create their own animals. They asked me to buy them more wool so they can continue. I think it’s a great idea!



Well, that about wraps up our trip to Wrights Beach.  Since our trip was so short we just stayed at the campground.  However, for a longer trip, there are lots of other beaches to investigate and places to eat out nearby.  The Boat House, The Bird’s Cafe, Fishetarian Fish Market for fresh oysters are all very close and for something a little fancier try The Duck Club.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner there a few years ago as part of a celebratory anniversary getaway.

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