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Valley View Campground at Mt. Madonna County Park, CA


At the end of last summer, hubby and I sat down and made reservations for one weekend each month throughout the school year to be “weekend warriors” in our Airstream. Primarily, our intent was to keep up our Airstream “skills” and maintain the Airstream while enjoying our special weekend adventures. Our main criteria for our adventures; to leave after school and be set up by dinner time. It has been a tall order, as the traffic here on a Friday afternoon cuts down on our ability to get too far.

Mt. Madonna has proven to be a gem in our race against the dinner hour. Even though traffic still existed, it moved with enough speed to keep us on time for our Friday evening dinners by the camp fire.


There are 4 campgrounds located at this park only one of which has RV hookups of water and electricity. Looking at the campground map we chose to stay in the exterior loop backing us up to the forest cover. It was a wonderful choice! Long enough for the entire rig to fit and with lots of wiggle room for our kids to spread out. This month my oldest was obsessed with extreme frisbee antics, so extra space around him and his frisbee was a huge plus. In addition, to the extra space, just a bit further behind us were several trailheads for us to hike on and dogs were even allowed on the trails! Wow! How lucky were we?

Though our weekend time was short, we managed a considerable amount of downtime and work into our 2 days. Our activities included; reading books, hiking trails, making friends, collecting materials for a model of a Mohave Dwelling for a 4th grade history project, and studying for a Spanish quiz. We also enjoyed working on a homemade loom, making more art, roasting s’mores by the campfire and playing hours of ultimate frisbee! Wow! Now that was a successful weekend!

sitting on a rock

Enjoying the view from up high.


The joy of homework!!


Time for a game of ultimate Frisbee.


Weaving a hopeful placemat.

Mt. Madonna proved to be a wonderful find. We look forward to visiting this lovely park again soon. Look out Mt. Madonna, we will be back!

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