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The Airstream


Our lovely rig is a 2008 27’FB (front bed) Safari Airstream. We have made a few modifications on our particular unit. We upgraded our batteries and added an additional set of batteries to help us when we dry camp or boondock. We also changed out all the existing lights for LED’s and the shower head both to help us conserve our energy and water when we are not hooked up to shore power and water hookups. We also added 2 fantastic fans in the front and back to help move the air on a warm day and changed out our tires.


Our bedroom is located in the front which means it’s closest to the hitch.  We have panoramic windows above our bed, and 2 other windows on either side of the bedroom.  Storage can be found underneath our bed and above it.  There is a folding door on a track that closes off the bedroom for privacy from the rest of the interior space.


Next to the bedroom is the bathroom with the shower stall across the aisle.  There is another folding door just after the bathroom that closes off the kitchen and living room for additional privacy. Coming up the hallway we have a hall closet, fridge and freezer on one side with the kitchen galley across.  Our model has a stove, oven and microwave with a circular sink.


You can see the first of two sets of privacy folding doors separating the front bedroom from the rest of the interior space.  The door handle leads to the bathroom.



In the very back is our dinette with another set of panoramic windows.  With our additional stool, we can all eat here comfortably.  This dinette also serves as my daughter’s bed.  To the left of the dinette is the door to enter the airstream.




Next to the dinette is the couch seating which unfolds into a double bed.  This is where the boys’ sleep. We also have a flat screen TV and a built in cd/music changer with speakers that came standard in our unit.

And there you have it, a tour of our mini little home on wheels.

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