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The Family


I’m Janine and along with my hubby, three kids and Lady our dog, we are excited to see more of this great country with our Airstream in tow.  We are not full timers, just taking trips when the school schedule allows.  The rest of the time we are day dreaming and researching where to go next.  We live in the SF Bay Area of California and have much still to learn about our shiny rig.  We are thrilled to be here and to share with our kids this unique time together.

On our site, you will find posts about Campgrounds we have stayed, day trips we have tried, information on our equipment and a bit about our family and how we travel.  In addition to our travels, we will share local places we enjoy visiting when not traveling and if you ever find yourself in our neck of the woods, you can rest assure there are great places to check out.  In the future, we hope to add more about our life, how we use the Airstream, and tips we found that work for us when traveling.  On the contact page, you will find how to reach us, visit us on Instagram, or see what interests us on Pinterest.

Family Bios

Hi, I’m Janine. I will be the main author on Airstream on Safari although I hope to get the rest of the family to contribute too.  I have always loved to travel, see new things, learn about new places and meet new people.  Life is generally pretty busy for me these days.  I am a wife and mother to 3 active children; 1 in elementary and 2 in middle school.  When I’m not consumed with the day to day affairs of managing our household, you can find me outdoors daydreaming and reading. I’m especially drawn to the coast and often retreat there when I need to regroup or relax and because of this, it seems to be our number one place to travel.  In my spare time I find myself researching and dreaming of places to travel to next.  My goal is to someday visit all 50 states.

IMG_0143Meet the Hubby.  He is an amazing guy.  He is patient, kind, a hard worker and always ready to make it happen.  When he is not at home with his family he is teaching 8th graders all about Science.  We love that Hubby is a teacher because his work schedule coincides a lot with the kids’ school schedule too.  This means we get to have him to ourselves after school, school breaks, and all summer long. Hubby enjoys learning and sharing that part of himself with his kids; helping them manage their academic projects and homework.  Hubby is not afraid of a challenge and even though he has no prior knowledge of camping, trailers or hitches, he jumped right in and embraced our new adventurous spirit for road tripping.

IMG_0138This is Epicness.  He is our oldest.  From dawn till dusk he is on the go, moving speedily through his day.  He loves sports and will throw himself headfirst into mastering whatever sport interests him at the moment.  He has played soccer competitively on a travel team and is now pursuing baseball, but also has loved basketball, tennis, ping pong, extreme frisbee, whatever he can find. He is quite rational in how he sees the world, enjoys humor and researching anything and everything. When he is not playing sports he enjoys building and technology. (He absolutely adores technology.)  He currently imagines himself as a future Architect, a famous “youtuber” or with a profession in software design.

IMG_0117Meet the middle kiddo. He is a love bug, quite the talker and an endless dreamer.  He is the kid most folks attach to first as he is quite approachable, confident and enjoys being in others’ company.  He is a passionate boy and expresses himself freely.  He is also our fearless boy and loves extreme sports.  His current interest is in extreme martial arts and he has really thrown himself into his practice.  In his spare time, he can be found writing stories or inventing worlds on mind craft.  He has a great imagination, sense of humor and a laugh that just draws you in.

IMG_0137Our daughter and youngest is nicknamed Beans. (I’ll give you one guess as to why that’s her nickname.) She too is full of spunk and energy. She is funny, silly, passionate and often loud, talking from sun up to sundown.  She is drawn to people and is often the first to make friends. Kids are just drawn to her.  She is very empathetic when it comes to others and enjoys watching over the littlest ones with so much patience.   She is unafraid to approach anyone and there is no question she is not afraid to ask.  She has great confidence, a good amount of patience to try hard tasks and is always ready to go, go, go.  She loves being creative, writing stories about people, Art, sewing, Legos and playing soccer.

IMG_0120Our dog Lady is a rescue Cocker-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She remains ever the Lady with her sweet personality and patient kisses.  She has a voice and is not afraid to use it and as my daughter says, “she fits right in as she has freckles like the rest of us.” She loves her stuffies and playing chase with the kids, sitting in nature and taking in the scents and chasing birds on the beach.  She is my constant companion and the greatest snuggler. Lady is such a special member of our family, very doted on and we could never imagine life without her.  She is also the inspiration for our Airstream travels, so that she can come along too.  We often plan our trips around her, so she is not left out for long.

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know us better.  For the purpose of the blog, I’m leaving off names for most of the family for now but if you meet us in person, I promise you can learn that about us and more. We look forward to future planning, seeking out adventures and meeting others that share our passion for traveling.

Here’s to getting out there, on safari!

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