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Day trip: Apple Hill, CA


We spent the day on Apple Hill visiting local farms to apple pick, peruse crafty fairs and partake in devouring tasty treats.  Apple Hill covers the towns of Camino, Cedar Grove, Pollock Pines off Hwy 50. The Apple Hill Growers Association consists of around 50 farms that specialize in fruit growers, bakeshops, wineries, a microbrewery and Christmas tree farms.

Our visit primarily focused on apples and baked goods having to do with apples.


Our first stop was at Rainbow Orchards. We had heard wonderful things about their apple cider and freshly made to order hot apple cider donuts and were excited to taste them ourselves. Absolute heaven!! The cider was not too sweet or too tart and the donuts were so deliciously warm with a crunch on the outside and soft inside, tasting of apples, cinnamon and sugar. They alone were worth the drive all the way from home.



We next visited Mill View Ranch to pick apples and took home a basket full of Black Arkansas, Fuji and Gala. It was hot in the orchards, but the kids were troopers and picked every one of our apples.

After all that hard work we were ready for a picnic lunch and stopped over at Bodhaine Ranch for homemade chicken pot pies and enjoyed resting in their shady grove of trees.

Our last stop was at High Hill Ranch. We enjoyed the craft fairs and took home apple butter and a box of their sprinkle apple donuts and cinnamon sugar for Sunday breakfast.

It was a lovely day. We look forward to visiting again, perhaps in another season to visit the berry farms or to cut down a Christmas tree.

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