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Day trip: Battle Rock City Park, OR


We left Mills Creek Campground and made our way North up the coast into Oregon.  We had reservations for Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park in Florence for the next few days and a 4 hour drive ahead of us.

There were lots of lovely towns and places to stop.  We eventually chose to have lunch in Port Orford.  We found a great street across from Battle Rock City Park that had plenty of RV parking and located nearby was the Crazy Norwegian Fish and Chips. The food was delish and right off the fryer.  Hubby even found a veggie burger.  My oldest and I try to eat gluten free as the gluten does funny things to us.  I made him his lunch but I just couldn’t resist and chanced it with the fish and chips.  Yum! I love battered fish and this meal did not disappoint. We took our picnic down to the beach.  The sun was shining, weather in the 60’s.  It was a great day to be on the coast.


The family posing before walking down to picnic on the beach.  They look so sweet in pictures, don’t they?


My oldest is on the beach and my younger two are on top of battle rock.  Can you see the faint pink and blue? My daughter was determined to climb up but panicked on how to get back down.  Luckily dad went up to help.


Dancing in the secret cave.  Another favorite, screaming in the cave and listening to echoes.  Aren’t you glad there is no sound on this blog post?


The sign in the parking lot telling about Battle Rock was so intriguing that after lunch the kids wanted to climb battle rock and imagine what it must have been like being all alone on that rock in a foreign and hostile environment.  Lots of imaginary battles were fought.  In addition, we roamed, checked out the secret cave, my oldest played catch against the rock, and the dog chased birds.  It was a wonderful stretch-your-legs rest stop.  And then it was time to move on further up the coast.

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