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Day trip: Big River Beach at Mendocino Headlands SP


We were driving back towards Casini Ranch on Hwy 1 when we looked down below and saw this beautiful beach.  We immediately flipped a U-turn and found the road that lead us down towards our new find.   Most families were packing up for the day which left us with the beach almost all to ourselves.   The water was very shallow due to the drought, but still it would be fun to kayak or float along in a tube to see what was further down stream.

The kids enjoyed exploring the shore and running through the shallow water kicking up sand at each other and playing all kinds of tag games.  These huge bursts of manic tag always seem to emerge from their stored up supplies of energy from spending so many hours sitting in a car.  Of course, it always ends in tears, but in my recollections this was one of those serendipitous finds; an afternoon that was so lovely, no amount of before planning could have made it more enjoyable.


The parking lot was pretty large and I imagined we would return here the next day with the Airstream to spend a whole day before moving on to our next location.  Unfortunately for us, on this trip, it just wasn’t meant to be. I can only hope we will pass this way one time again.

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