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North Shore Campground, CA


Driving from Red Bluff to North Shore Campground in Chester took us about 2.5 hours.  It was a nice drive up 36 past the Lassen National Park.  There were steep inclines on part of the drive but the roads were nicely paved and the Denali did well.  Next time, we will definitely stop in the parks.  I would love to visit both the Lassen Volcanic and Forest national parks.

We stayed at North Shore Campground on Lake Almanor for 5 days.  We had our first back up spot with electric and water only hookups.  It was a little nerve wracking as the loop we were in was full and there were lots of folks around watching.  The camp host was across and came down to tell us we couldn’t back up there.  But of course we needed to fit both the Denali and Airstream side by side in the spot, so we told her not to worry, we knew what we were doing.  The Honey truck visited us halfway through the week and there was a dump station as well.


If you are looking for a family friendly campground, North Shore is the place. Many families come here year after year and stay for weeks at a time.  We met another nice family next to us with two kids.  The kids together were inseparable all week which made it a fun time for us adults too.  The kids could boat in the lake, ride scooters/bikes around the loop, get an ice cream at the camp store, and play on the playground.


It was a lovely five days and we never left the campground. We also had a great site with lake views.  The lake itself was at an all time low and made for a bit of a hike.  We had a fire ring, table, plenty of shade and grass.  The sites are very close together but this spot was pretty large and we used our blocks on one side for leveling.

3881There she goes, raft in hand, heading to the lake.

3826 3777

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